Day 1 Breakout Speaker Topics

Talks from this day will focus on eliminating stereotypes, discussing multicultural interventions, bringing cultural competence to working with parents and families, and encouraging the examination of literature in the many ways families look in the modern world.

Morning Keynote

Dr. Abigail Weissman: A Guide to Queer and Trans Parenting: Learn, Support See, and Refer

Afternoon Keynote

Mercedes Samudio, LCSW: The Parenting Identity Development Model

Breakout Session 1

  • Erica McAfee: Parenting an African American Child Living with a Disability

  • Dr. Becca Ballinger: Understanding and Addressing the Unique Needs of The Nontraditional Family

  • Leslie P. Arreola-Hillenbrand: Dejando la Chancla: Reframing Latinx Family Traditions Towards the Preservation of Culture and Resilience for Bicultural Children

  • Nickia Lowery, LMFT: Parenting your Child through Domestic Violence and Beyond

  • Erika Labuzan-Lopez, LMFT, LPC: Helping Parents of Rainbow Babies Heal and Strengthen Their Relationship

Breakout Session 2

  • Brittany Freeman Jean-Louis, LPC: “Your Child Is Not Your Dependent: Ensuring a Healthy Dyad Between Child and Single Parent.”

  • Carmen Jimenez-Pride & Natalie Pride: When the Family Narrative Changes, Helping Parents Rewrite Their Stories While Parenting the LGBTQIA Child

  • Seida Hood, LCSW: Parenting with Jesus & Trauma: Creating Mental Health Resources for Churches

  • Donna Oriowo: Edges Snatched and Laid: Black Beauty Politics and Parenting

  • Jennifer Noble, PhD: Outside the Box: Understanding Mixed Race Identity Development

Breakout Session 3

  • Nichomi Higgins, LMFT: The Invisible Dinner Guest: Identifying Eating Disorder Issues Amongst Youth of Color & How We can Influence Culturally Sensitive Care

  • Jaclyn Tran: Grey Rainbows: Parenting a Child with Chronic and Rare Diseases

  • Tosha Schore, MA: Developing the Emotional Intelligence of Boys: Helping Young Boys Move Beyond Aggression and Toxic Masculinity

  • Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW & Charity Hernandex: Our Story: Adoption in LGBTQ Families

  • Felice Martin, LPCC: Parenting Under the Influence of Trauma

Breakout Session 4

  • Maher Sonbol, LMFT: Acculturation and Parenting: The Influence Culture Has on Raising Kids

  • Dr. Sapna Batra Chopra: Raising Children of Color in a Climate of Racism and Hate: Strategies for Parents to Foster Resilience, Healthy Racial/Ethnic Identity, and Empowerment

  • Shelly Ware, LMFT: Stepparent Stress, Relationship Dissatisfaction & Traditional Expectations within Stepfamilies

  • Kristian Owens, LCSW, RPT: Parenting Children Impacted by Complex Trauma: A Heart-Centered Approach with the Brain in Mind

  • Dr. Ann-Louise T. Lockhart: Cultural Competency with ADHD & ODD Diagnosis

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Day 2 Breakout Speaker Topics

Talks from this day will focus on non-judgemental discussions, innovative parenting interventions, breathing new life into how professionals can use family theories, empowering professionals to use literature to inform their work with parents and families, learning how to work in multidisciplinary teams to support parents and families, and the future of professional types in the parenting world.

Morning Keynote

Dr. Joseph C. Lee: The Impact of Environment on Needs, and How We Need Diversity to Change Our Environment

Breakout Session 1

  • Dr. Katayune Kaeni: More Than the Baby Blues: Untreated Perinatal Mental Health’s Effect on the Parents and their Families

  • Dr. Benjamin E. Caldwell: The Effects of Technology, Social Media, and Gaming on Parenting and Families

  • Ann M. Dillard, LMFT: I Love My Daughter But…: Working with the Mother/Daughter Dynamic in Families

  • April Harter, LCSW: The Racist Signatures™ in Parenting

  • Dr. Samantha Diaz Weinstein: Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child

Breakout Session 2

  • Jaynay C. Johnson, LMFT: Teen Talk: Parenting a Gen Z Teenager and Beyond

  • Anya Manes: Kids and Pornography: Supporting Parents with Effective Strategies for Talking to Teens About Sex and Porn

  • Melanin in Mental Health: When Culture and Race Enter the Therapy Room

  • Chautè Thompson, LMHC: After the Storm: Resiliency for Families after Separation or Divorce

  • Sovann Pen, LPC: BlackBelt Parenting: Lessons from Martial Arts for More Connected, Creative and Confident Families

Breakout Session 3

  • Dr. Celisa Flores: Wellness for the Provider: Self-Care Tools for Your Personal and Professional Self

  • Stephanie L Davis, MEd, LPC: "Well, My Parents Raised Me That Way": Parenting Styles & Effective Communication Styles

  • Maria Davis-Pierre, LMHC: Black Kids on the Spectrum: Merging Cultural Competence within the African-American Autism Community

  • Jessica Lang, LMFT: Surviving Child Sexual Abuse Trauma: Culturally Competent Strategies to Support Parents to Help Their Child Sexual Abuse Survivor Heal

  • Shana Simmons, LCSW: Perspectives on Supporting Parent’s Mental and Emotional Health

Breakout Session 4

  • Mariana Plata, MSc: Feminist Parenting: Why, What, When & How

  • Clair Mellenthin, LCSW, RPTS: Attachment Centered Parenting

  • Krischa Esquivel: Treating Our Children Better: Dissecting Harmful Parenting Practices and Positive Alternatives

  • Eric D. Greene: Where Are The Men? The Role of the Father in Families

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