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The Diversity in Parenting Conference is here!

September 13-14th, 2019 | Anaheim, CA

Finally, a conference for mental health and parenting professionals that focuses on the diverse ways parents raise children in today’s world.

As professionals who work with families, you know how important it is to provide effective service that is both emotionally supportive and clinically sound. But, how about culturally competent?

For too long you’ve looked for support on how to develop the skills needed to address the various ways that we create families. From the ways we create families to the different ways mental health affects families, you’ve wondered if the professional conference world has just forgotten that professionals want trainings and workshops the see families as uniquely as you do.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve found the right conference. The Diversity in Parenting Conference was designed to not only address the unique families that you see and help on a daily basis, but it’s giving you this information from the diverse voices that make up the mental health and parenting professional world.

If you’re ready for a revolutionary conference that will help you be the best professional that you can be, then this is the conference you must attend.

tickets Are on sale now - for only $495!

**Group, Single Day, and Student/Intern tickets are also available!**

Still haven’t clicked on the “Register Now” button?!

Well, let’s chat a bit about why you have to be at this dynamic, motivational, and inspiring event!! I’ll start by answering some questions you might have about attending the conference!

Who is this conference for?

This conference is for mental health and parenting professionals who work with families and are ready to see trainings that showcase the unique and diverse families they work with. From single-parent homes, to stepparent issues, to LGBTQIA dynamics, to how racism and feminism weave their ways into parenting, and even to how professionals must learn to care for themselves in this heartwork they do daily - we have topics that span the whole spectrum of what it means to be a healing professional working with parents and their families in the modern world.

What’s included in the conference ticket?

I am so glad you asked that! Here’s what every conference attendee gets with their registration:

  • Guaranteed seating for your selected sessions (meaning you will be able to secure your seat at your selected conference breakout sessions)

  • Access to the Author Book Signing on Friday, September 13th

  • Amazing goodies in your Swag Bag (trust me, they’ll be awesome)

  • Access to the conferece virtual swag bag (with discounts and special offers designed just for conference attendees)

  • 10% off access to the Engaging Parents webinar course (worth 2 CEs) - a $50 value

Why should I attend this conference?

This is a question I always ask myself before I invest in a conference or training, WHY? And the answer is always about the same for me: I am going because it will enhance my skills and make me a better service provider for my clients. One thing that’s different about this conference is that it’s a professional conference that doesn’t shy away from the discussion on diversity - we’re leaning into the concept and focusing it on a population that seems to get the short-end of the stick at conferences - parents and families. For years, I’ve yearned to go to a professional conference that really embraced the uniqueness that I saw in the clients I served. And yet, year after year, it was more of the same old - more “warmed over blandness” - more white-washed expressions of the healing professional world. And many of my colleagues (including you too, probably) felt the same way! So, when you ask your why, think about how much you’ve longed for an in-person professional conference to not only tackle diversity AND parenting, but to also populate the speakers with more diversity and representation! At the end of the day, your why is an internal dialogue that you must have with yourself. But, this is the conference for any mental health and parenting professional who has desired deep in their hearts to have someone see them and create a conference just for them!

Who’s speaking at the conference?

Our amazing speakers are listed here - complete with their bios and ways to connect with them! You can also check out the conference schedule to see when they’ll be speaking during the 2-day event! But, here’s just a small sample of some of the inspiring and amazing topics that you’ll get a chance to enjoy during the conference:

  • Adoption in the LGBT family

  • Latinx parenting and dispelling cultural stereotypes

  • Lessons on parenting learned from martial arts

  • Feminism and it’s influence on parenting

  • Exploring the ways perinatal mental health can impact a family

  • Autism in the African-American community

  • Cultural competency in the eating disorder world

  • How technology has influenced and impacted families

  • And, so many more topics just like these

Okay, I’m in! Where can I get my tickets?

Click here to get your tickets for only $495 and feel confident that your seat at the conference (as well as all the amazing perks) are secured! **Group, Single Day, and Student/Intern tickets are also available!**

You’re not going to want to miss this event - it’s sure to be the conference that everyone will be talking about! And, you’ll definitely want to say that you were one of the first to be a part of momentous conference! And, if you have more questions, please feel free to check out our FAQs or email us!

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**Group, Single Day, and Student/Intern tickets are also available!**

Conference Hotel

The conference will take place in beautiful Anaheim, CA at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton hotel. Check out the conference accommodations page for more information on how to secure your conference room rates!

The hotel is super close to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland! And, the hotel has the hook-up for discounted tickets! We might even plan a post-conference trip to the park on Sunday! Stay tuned!

Take a look at how amazing the hotel is:

Come hang out with us for the amazingness of the conference AND be close to the happiest place on earth! It’s a win-win all around!

**Group, Single Day, and Student/Intern tickets are also available!**