September 13-14, 2019 | Anaheim, CA


Let’s Look at Parenting Through a New Lens

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all parenting.

So many parenting conferences fail to showcase the diverse landscape of modern parenting.

We’ve said bye-bye to the limiting belief that a family has to look a certain way!

We’re over the idea that a parent should be judged for how they raise their child.

This is a conference for mental health and parenting professionals, who are ready to see a change in how we support and prepare humans for the journey of parenting.

If you’re ready to look at parenting through a new lens, then the Diversity in Parenting Conference was created just for you!


Who’s Speaking?

Learn more about our speakers and their amazing topics. Be a part of a conference that embraces diversity - both in it’s speakers and in it’s topics!



The doors to the conference are finally open! Get Early Bird ticket pricing for the conference (including amazing perks) until March 2019!


Sponsorship Opportunities

This conference is supported by our sponsors & exhibitors! Check out our “Become a Sponsor” page to find out how you can show the mental health and parenting professional world that you care about diversity in serving parents and their families!


Be a volunteer

Show your support for this revolutionary conference experience by becoming a volunteer. Perfect for students, interns, associates, or a professional who wants behind-the-scenes training on building a conference.