**NOTE: Please complete the Sponsorship Form (if you have not done so) here**

The conference program will be a full color, 8.5”x 11” program.

Below is an image that show what the specifications are for your ads.

Please pay attention to sizes and file formats.

We cannot guarantee the look of your ad if these specifications are not maintained. We also will not provide a refund due to errors in file size and/or file format. We will make every effort to print your ad as given to us, but if it does not fall in line with the specifications, please understand that we reserve the right to correct this (including but not limited to recreating the ad or resizing the ad).

Please see your sponsor contract for more information.

We also have a graphic designer who’s working on the conference program, and will assist you with your ads. Please contact Rachela Brisindi (rachela@butterandhoney.net) for support on creating an ad, resizing an ad, or other graphic design needs (this will be at an additional fee, set by the designer).